Participation may involve:

  • Attending 4 goal-oriented virtual conversations with an interventionist about reducing problem substance use and sexual risk
  • Attending 3 60-minute virtual sessions with the research team regarding your social media use, sexual behavior, substance use, and HIV/STI testing history
  • Completing 2 additional online surveys
  • Completing HIV/STI tests
  • Receiving health-related text messages


  • If you use an Android device: you will download an app that allows researchers to passively collect information from your phone for 12 months
  • If you use an iOS device: you will send downloaded data from your social media sites to the research team three times during the 12-month study

You must: 

  • Be a cisgender man, transgender man, transgender woman, or nonbinary individual who has had sex with a man in the past 3 months 
  • Be a current user of social media sites for finding male partners
  • Be a current user of substances (including alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, etc.)

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